Snowy New Hampshire: one week and counting

passport and travel writing booksIn exactly one week, I leave for four months in Sorrento, Italy. There’s so much yet to do before I leave for the Mediterranean coast–top of today’s list: snowblow the driveway and start my blog. Which one should I tackle first?

Since the snow’s still coming hard  the blog seems a good choice. So here’s the scoop (see what I did there?) on Italy. Two years ago, I applied for and won the privilege to lead this years PSU Sorrento trip. I’m taking eight PSU students to study for the Spring semester at the Sant’Anna Institute. They’ll take three courses there and two with me.


If you’re used to thinking of Italy as “boot shaped,” Sorrento is on Italy’s shin. It sits across the bay from Napoli (Naples) and they are separated, on land, by Mt. Vesuvius. Pompeii and Herculaneum are
minutes away. Just south of Sorrento, begins the storied Amalfi coast–widely considered the most beautiful stretch of coastline in the Mediterranean.

I’ll be teaching and doing some technical communication. The course I teach will meet twice a week and our big class project will be to document safety and behavior protocols for the host institution. My own project will be to continue documenting Team GPA (formerly Rate Your Mate), the application Robyn Parker and I launched last Spring and piloted at PSU last Fall (we’re planning to pilot it at Bowling Green State University in Fall 2016).

And I’ll be teaching and doing some travel writing. Napoli is the birthplace of pizza. That makes it one of the top three cultural sites in the world. I expect to learn a lot about pizza. And Roman ruins. And pizza.

As if this could get better, my 17 year old daughter, Maya, will be joining me a few weeks into the program and staying for the duration. My older daughter, Brianna, and my wife, Tabitha, will be joining us a day or two before the semester ends in mid-May and we will do some traveling on our own after the students leave. In fact, Tab and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year…in Europe.

It’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in years…and it hasn’t even started.

OK, time to quit. This could be my only opportunity to shovel snow this year. Let’s hope so.


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