I like talking about the things I’m doing. I hate talking about me.


I live in New Hampshire where winter rules seven months out of the year. I’m FROM Missouri & Illinois and this much winter can do strange things to a person who’s not born to it. It’s a good thing for everyone that, this year, I get to skip the last four months of winter.

I’m a writer in the sense that I often write. In the sense that people read much of what I write? Not so much. I dabble in a little poetry here and some short fiction there, but I made my mark as a technical writer in the late 90’s writing dozens of manuals for software that has been obsolete for a decade. But I was pretty good at it and I now teach others how to do it.

And I have a family. Tabitha is my wife of 24 years, seven months and 16 days. When she joins me in Italy, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary. My daughter, Brianna, is 22 and learning how to be in the world. And Maya, 17, will come with me to Sorrento and continue her high school studies online.

And, since life mixes the sweet in the bitter, I leave at a very difficult time for my family as they struggle with my mom’s terminal cancer back in Illinois. I may well talk about that, but I will keep that sort of thing on another blog and focus this one on my travels in Italy and Europe.



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